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LOCATION: My office is located at 3815 Lisbon Street, suite 202.  We are in a red brick two story brick building direclty behind the What-a-Burger at I-30 and Montomery.  

50 Minute Counseling Session- $150


I do not accept insurance directly yet I will provide you with the necessary form to file out of network with your provider.  Each policy is different and I reccomend contacting your provider about out of network reimbursment if you so choose.  

Counseling Fees




Please contact me directly to schedule an appointment.  I usually conduct a 10-15 mintue screening on the phone to determine if I am a good fit for you or your child.  I am in the office part-time, therefore I cannot serve clients in imminent crisis.  If you or your child would be best served by another clincian, I will assist you in locating the best fit.  


I currently offer a limited number of after school appoinments, but these times tend to fill quickly.  



Child and Adolescent Forms 

Adult Forms

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